• AmatsuPhobia42

    Cells retribution

    March 20, 2017 by AmatsuPhobia42

    If Cells never Told About The Lab In the age 767 cell has piccolo caught in his grip and piccolo ask cell to tell him who he is and what he is, and how he has all of their powers, and why his ki feels like so many of his comrades and old foes. Cell tells piccolo all about Dr. Gero' s plan to combine all the cells of the greatest fighters and tells piccolo how he killed trunks and stole his time machine. When piccolo ask " where did these experiments happen." Cell then say in a sadistic Voice "why spoil the surprise, when you're going to be part of the perfect being." After that piccolo quickly warns everyone where cell and he are. Then he quickly rips off his arm and grows a new one. Cell has a look of shock. Piccolo then say if you want…

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