If Cells never Told About The Lab In the age 767 cell has piccolo caught in his grip and piccolo ask cell to tell him who he is and what he is, and how he has all of their powers, and why his ki feels like so many of his comrades and old foes. Cell tells piccolo all about Dr. Gero' s plan to combine all the cells of the greatest fighters and tells piccolo how he killed trunks and stole his time machine. When piccolo ask " where did these experiments happen." Cell then say in a sadistic Voice "why spoil the surprise, when you're going to be part of the perfect being." After that piccolo quickly warns everyone where cell and he are. Then he quickly rips off his arm and grows a new one. Cell has a look of shock. Piccolo then say if you want tell me willingly then I'll beat it out of you, he then powers up and cell freaks out by the huge amount of power piccolo has. Piccolo then has a quick fight with cell until backup arrives for piccolo and when that happened cell flew into the sky and used solar flare to get away.

When piccolo meets up with everyone he tells them everything even about how cell is a Android made of all of these cells and have all of their powers and abilities and about how Dr. Gero made him. They all are shocked trunks ask "where did these experiments happen I seen no lab with a test tube in there, how can this be happening." Piccolo tells them that "maybe gero have another hidden lab around the old lab". They all go around the old lab and turn all nearby mountains into dust but nothing. They all say the same thing " it isn't here I looked everywhere and there's nothing." They came to the conclusion that the lab might be in another place around the world. Gohan tells everyone that "if we can defeat the Androids before cell can become perfect we can beat him and it wouldn't matter if he does attack we will be ready." Everyone agrees and everything happened the same way that led to perfect cell being born. But Krillin didn't have the remote, the blueprint wasn't found for making one. After the defeat of perfect cell the cell bot collected the DNA of perfect cell so he wouldn't need to absorb the Androids, and gohan in his ssj2 form. The computer realized that it needed to do more calculations so that the same thing doesn't happen again. Seven years pass and the cell bots are collecting data and calculating the z warriors power. The computer was days away from releasing cell until the babadi and his henchmen showed up. When the cell bots had some of buus dna brought in from majin Vegeta’s final explosion, the computer couldn’t combine buus dna do to it being a all magic life form. The computer thought it was hopeless but wanted to watch over buu to gain knowledge on buu to learn more on him. When buu showed his absorption ability the computer had the bots collect the dna to check and when it tried to combine it with cell's dna it failed but it had a mix of dna from Gotanks, piccolo and Gohan making Buuhan.

       The cell bots watch and study buu and all of his powers to learn more and to be able to make the research be able to work. Then goku came and showed a new form that amazed the computer, the ssj3 form. Once the computer scanned the fight and studied it and then goku powered down and told buu he has a far stronger fighter for goku to fight in just a few days. While that happened the cell bots scanned buu and gotten the same results until mr Satan came into the picture with a dog. They became friends and hercule even got buu to give up his evil ways. Until a madman and his friend on a killing spree shot hercule and the dog. Buu healed both and got so angry something amazing happened the evil and good side of boo split. The evil buu killed the man that shot hercule, and he fought buu and beaten buu with ease. The cell bot scanned and studied this new super boo. Then came the reason the computers couldn't put the sample of buu into cell, he used his absorbing abilities on Gotenks and piccolo. The absorption was a result of boo having no DNA but when buu absorbed others it took every characteristic about them and fused it into himself making him form a DNA mix of himself and thoughts he absorbed. The cell bots wanted to wait to take samples of buu but the conflict was too much between him and gohan. Then goku arrives attempting to fuse with gohan, but then buu absorbed him forming buuhan. Once this happened goku tried to look for a person to fuse with until he sensed Vegeta. After a long argument Vegeta was willing to fuse with goku and Vegeta was born. Giving the cell bots a new being to absorb. They waited until buu had a bloody nose from Vegito's punch to collect buus DNA and it collected Vegito's when boo undone the Candy beam making vegeto a saiyan once again. Once the cell bots had the samples and buu absorbed Vegito they put the DNA into the computer. Then it happened kid buu destroyed the earth taking everything on the planet with it. When the wishes to revive the earth and all of the creators on it were made it was the same as before the earth was destroyed. The computer was able to use boo's DNA to make the process more efficient by bonding all the DNA to it making cell be able to avenge his father. Once 6 months went by Cell was born and with a new look he appeared as a little boy that looked to be 8 years old with black and green hair, a black object in the middle of his chest like the previous cell, he have ghostly white skin, and his head, shoulders, and some of his legs resembles that of the previous cell, the last attachment he had was the same tail as his perfect form.
       Cell new where to find everyone but goku because he was training on king kai's planet. Cell went to bulma's birthday party without being caught waiting to find goku when he spotted a new guest. A tall skinny purple cat that has Vegeta acting like a lackey. Cell then sensed it his no was so far above his it was like a planet to the universe in comparison. He kept a eye on beerus to know how powerful he is. When cell heard beerus arguing with buu over pudding, cell thought it was just some idiot, until he seen beerus take boo out with ease. Cell was amazed and he still couldn't sense any ki from him. He was amazed by the power he had and just watched as beerus took the a fighters out without any difficulty, making him question if he fought him would he stand a chance. Cell  than seen bulma clap beerus, shocking everyone even cell himself. Then it happened beerus slapped her and vegeta said the words cell would remember " THAT'S MY BULMA". Vegeta was able to make beerus struggle for a short time amazing cell even more, cell looked at his hands and asked himself just how far off a.m. I. Once beerus knocked vegeta out and said he would destroy the earth cell didn't know what to think he knew he could handle the   planet being destroyed but he didn't know if he can survive the blast from beerus. Then came goku, cell got filled with rage preparing to attack, then came a voice from the computer that have cell life saying " stop let goku talk" then goku told beerus his plan to ask Sheron and cell calmed down and let it happened. But it didn't work cell was shocked until whis explained it, then they did it again with videl and her unborn baby. Cell questioned why it was he didn't have this type of power one that couldn't be sensed, he has six saiyan DNA  cells in him when the ritual needed 6 saiyans into one, until it hit him. The vegito's cells just fused all of the cell the computer had from goku and vegeta. Cell was furious he seen the fight and it was far beyond his imagination. The punches cell could hear all the universes making up universe 7 shake and new if they clashed one more time it will be destroyed. He was scared for his life from the monstrous power they had and new he couldn't survive. Then he seen beerus assistant whis and asked him " what are you guys and why is it your presence scares me" whis tells cell " you can sense the ki of the gods". He then walks cell to the side and tells him " beerus over there is a God of destruction and I am a Angel, but you seem very powerful, me and Lord beerus sensed your power, and I know what you are, I didn't tell Lord beerus because you're not ready, if you would like I can teach you but you would need to be the next God of destruction". Cell paused and say " you want me as a God of destruction what about beerus" whis tells him "that's Lord beerus and once he kicks the bucket you can take his place. Cell tell whis " I will do it" and turn to see the fight. It was the third clash happening and nothing, cell was lost until he realized how goku did it. By cancelling the punches out. After that beerus fought goku and beerus won and then sparred the earth hoping to comeback to it for there food and before they left whis asked cell " are you still going" cell instantly said " yes that would be perfect". Vegeta and everyone looked at cell and said "what are you talking about he's just a kid he's slightly older than my son." Whis than said " other than goku now he is the strongest and he has the most potential of being the next god of destruction, out of all of you if you can get my interest than maybe I can get one of you.”
       Once cell trained with whis he never rested always training harder and harder testing his limits and breaking them. Cell gained God ki within a month. And than it happened cell has his hair turn white and he unlocked a new form of his evolution he became a God he was lean but also built, he has spiked saiyan hair and he still has the same cell like features on his shoulders, legs, chin and the black piece of armor on the middle of his chest. But than whis told cell that he had to go vegeta is offering food to him to train him he had to go. When cell heard that he had a smirk and said " tell that saiyan don't dance with the devil if the moon light is turning red" whis quickly replied saying " now, now no need to be harsh, acting like a clown might become your downfall" he quickly left and cell went to train and when vegeta and whis showed up cell walked over he was now a 7 foot 5 giant that towered vegeta, due to piccolo's cells. Whis had vegeta and cell fight cell crushed vegeta with ease and didn't even use his hands like vegeta. Vegeta was shocked he said "but that's... that's the fighting style me and kakarot use when we were fused." Cell then said " oh really" and then kicked vegeta down cell slowly walked up to vegeta and said " come fight me when you're up to it". After that cell trained on his own away from vegeta giving vegeta time to prepare and to get strong enough to beat cell, unaware he is a threat he fought before. Whis then had goku train with vegeta all the way until frieza showed up and goku and vegeta left and cell, whis, and beerus were left behind. Cell then said " I'll take you to them" he than used the instantaneous movement from the supreme kai to teleport them there. When they got there goku was talking to frieza and and then they fought. Cell was surprised of how powerful he became from only 4 months of training, cell thought he was so powerful from just having saiyan cells but cell was able to reach a level goku and vegeta couldn't imagine. When frieza showed his golden form cell smirked and thought in his head " what a fool he didn't even think before coming here, I'll give him 5 minutes at best" whis Then looks at cell and say cell you know you had the same problem you might of have learned to master your power but you think to much like a destroyer and that's why you can't beat me." Piccolo was shocked when he heard that he went up to them and said " did you say cell, I'll kill you before you have the chance". Whis tells piccolo " don't worry he will be taking beerus title." Piccolo was stunned and cell just laughed and said I'm not the same cell like you're not the same piccolo as before you all had my brother killed but not me I'm the new and improved." Piccolo stunned and cell just watched the fight. Once frieza had beaten goku cell couldn't help but to laugh everyone looked at cell and then frieza kicks goku again and sends him flying, vegeta then catches goku and gives him a senzu bean. Once goku heals and vegeta crushed frieza the planet was destroyed with frieza, and vegeta caught in the blast.  Whis took everyone back to before it happened and frieza was killed. Cell began his training again and whis made it 10x harder saying " with both your saiyan and frieza cells in you, you body can adapt to quick to keep up with, this is the tenth time this week, you gotten used to the training, how is that possible even with your genes." Cell smiles at his and say "I had some extra training done over night." Whis then tells cell  "stop making your own weights using that power you got from from that bubble gum creator Lord beerus fought, I have to keep track of your training if you to check your progress. Goku and vegeta trained with whis and Then came the tournament. Once the tournament began cell was watching while beerus told cell no matter what don't lose in case goku and vegeta are taken out. Cell said "by the look of the competition it don't even had to be awake to win." Then came hit, cell was interested and asked whis " whis is that" whis responded saying "hit the assassin".
       Cell was just informed about hit being a assassin and he ask whis " is he a threat" whis tells cell " that's on you if you can't think your way around his timeskip". Once goku and piccolo are taken down by Frost, then goku was back in by Frost cheating cell was interested by how low this universe's frieza is and he is wondering what his version in universe 6 is like. When vegeta takes Frost out cell say down with his eyes closed and said " if my universe counterparts is even half as weak and/or as big of a coward I hope I never meet him." Vegeta then beats cabba and lost to hit. Cell was amazed he could hardly see him move, he was shocked as to the power this one fighter had. When goku was up cell was trying to think of how to hit could do that. Then goku explained it and was able to get some good hits. Amazing cell, making him think about what whis said and thinking "he's right I only thought of how to beat them from thinking of how I can overpower my foes not how every way it's possible to win and what my foes abilities are". Then it happened goku used the kaioken over his ssjgb form cell was shocked goku would take such a risk. Cell never even thought of using that technique and then cell watches and see the entire fight watching hits amazing progression that challenges his own power if hit had the chance. When goku quits the fight and steps out cell goes into the ring and prepare to fight. Cell is easily far far above hit and it going for a quick finishing blow but hit is progressing at a pace that allows him to slightly dodge and then cell gets out his stinger and gets hit in the middle of his chest knocking him down. The fight was quickly stopped and goku and the others paused and then goku asked "does that remind you of cell". They all look in amazement and piccolo tells them " it's not the same cell, it's a new version of him for some reason he never attacked us maybe it's because of he became pure of heart or maybe it's by the fact beerus showed up when he did." Cell then told them " no I'm not good, I just found something better than taking out a group of weaklings." Vegeta than " like what" cell then tells him " becoming God of destruction of course". The z warriors then are shocked and all yell "What ". Vegeta said " you want him to be a destroyer, you can't not him he will destroy the universe." Whis then tells them the universe will be ok cell only wants to take the place as destroyer until he is tired of it or a replacement takes his place." Then cell is "told the rules are no weapons on the field." Cell then tells the referee " it's apart of my creation I use it to absorb, I'm not a coward like Frost." The referee then checks and tells everyone that the tail is apart of his body. Cell than take the stinger out of hit and he is knocked out cold making cell be declared the winner. Cell feels different, and he vomits blood and his ki is out of control coming out like crazy. Cell is then gone. Cell wakes up in a odd dimension resembling hits timeskip dimension but it's a purple and green color and cell is full of rage, anger, hate and a never ending blood rush, cell then yells out "ENOUGH" and the endless time dimension is shattered and cell breaks free. Cell is then in the present  timeline with everyone blinded with a huge blast of light. Cell  then see everyone looking at the being known as zeno, cell then walks over to beerus and quietly ask who is that, beerus than say " that is the king of all zeno he can destroy all of the gods and the universes with a snap of a finger. Cell is stunned and is amazed while goku go and talks to zeno making everyone worried. When zeno leaves cell and beerus both yells at him " YOU IDIOT WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO STUPID". Goku is knocked on his feet try to talk it out. They leave to universe 7 and go back to train.
       After the tournament cell  trained with goku and vegeta for the next tournament. Than whis gets a message saying to get vegeta and goku, trunks is back. Cell is so lost he doesn't know what to think, he recall killing trunks. Cell than ask " how can he be alive the other cell killed him and there wasn't a guardian." Vegeta then said " well seems your little spies didn't catch everything just the fights it thought were worth taking a look at." Goku then tells vegeta " we have to go trunks needs us, cell " goku looks at cell with a serious look in his face and say " don't go come with we don't need any problems to happen." Cell gives goku a serious look back and tells goku " is that a threat or are you worried I will hurt your little friend." Goku then just grab vegeta, whis and beerus and teleports to the earth. Than when trunks gets up he sees goku and throws a furious punch and goku catches it. Cell is able to create a crystal ball seeing everything laughing at goku saying " and he thought trunks seeing me would cause trouble." He than see trunks and goku work things out and he explains and cell is amazed by the story than he gets ready to leave when he sees goku turn ssj3 and fights trunks he ask "What are they doing?". Than he teleports to them and trunks just paused and say "wait, no... that's impossible, I killed you, gohan killed you ....HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE AND WHY, WHY DO YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT." He than charged at cell going full out and cell is dodging every blow with ease, than cell ends it with a chop. Trunks wakes up asking "what happened? and how is it none of you attacked cell? And how is he alive?" Cell calmly tells trunks "well I'm not the cell you know I am the new and improved cell of this timeline, the one that you guys didn't kill because you checked everywhere but underneath the previous lad. I'm not trying to destroy the earth, at least not yet I might once I'm a God of destruction. And I'm a clone of a clone of my perfect self, vegito, buuhan, and the kai's." Trunks then paused  and then asked " vegeto what... Who is that?" Cell tells trunks " it's the fusion of your father and goku of course". Trunks ask "you fused? how can you do that? And why is cell going to become a God?" Goku tells trunks " yes we fused it lasted for awhile and he were absorbed to save everyone and it was undone we don't know why maybe the acid". While they were talking a wormhole opened up and out came goku black. Goku and everyone were surprised. Once goku fought black and black was sent back to the future trunks, goku and vegeta went in and came back beaten and amazed with blacks new found power and bulma needed to use the senzu beans to heal them. They went back in and out of the future beaten closer to death each time until vegeta went to go train in the time chamber and cell told them "I'm coming with in case you need me, you were all taken out by him and he keeps progressing too fast for you we can't afford another mistake like that." Vegeta said fine but you don't need to fight you can use thoughts wings of yours to fly people to safety." Fine but if you lose I'm ending it with one blow that all we can afford to use." Vegeta than fights black and dominates him and black is shocked, then figures it out on how vegeta gotten so powerful he then pulls out a giant scythe slicing through all of space and time, cell was interested by the power black gained and couldn't imagine how much stronger he could become. Cell then took the last of the humans to safety and zamasu and black are fusing into merged zamasu. Cell then say "guys get back I'm taking the fight." Vegeta than say "no this is the fight of true saiyan' s stay back." Cell just begins to count. " one, two, three" vegeta just ignores it and continues to fight with goku until they decide to use the earrings to fuse and cell just smirks and say " that's the way, way show me the power of a real saiyan and let your anger flow". Vegeto gives zamasu a great fight and is about to do the finishing blow when they suddenly defuse. Cell then grabs them and sets them down.
       Cell than go to trunks and tells him "take care of these two I'll handle black." Trunks then say " but he's immortal you will die you idiot" cell then tells trunks " I'm immortal as well and there's one move to kill immortals and I need you to do it, this move is complex but I think I can teach it to you in time." Cell then taps trunks forehead and trunks knows everything about the spirit bomb. Cell goes to face zamasu and tells trunks " you know what to do." He launches at the far more powerful zamasu, razing him, and zamasu is is being destroyed and piece by piece but also getting stronger. But than cell tried to absorb zamasu but nothing happened. Cell  asked " what I'm supposed to have that as a ability from majin buu how is this possible." Zamasu is slowly keeping up with cell and cell yells out " TRUNKS DO IT NOW" trunks then comes right behind zamasu and deliver a finishing blow. Cell then hits the ground and then gets up healing using his cells from boo and it is a little slower because of the spirit sword slicing some of boo and then cell went to go to heal trunks, goku, and vegeta when zamasu' s energy was everywhere and he was absorbing the universe. Cell couldn't use ki because of his encounter with hit so he couldn't do anything but fly up and punch at zamasu' s energy making cracks but it wasn't enough it kept healing back up. And than goku pushed the button and then zeno appeared. Once zeno destroyed the timeline goku came back to get the zeno of that timeline. Cell and everyone were shocked and goku quickly went to zeno' s palace to introduce the two zeno' s. Time passed and while cell was busy training goku and the others were on earth having battles with Arale and Hit. than Goku decided to go ask zeno about the tournament starting the Universe survival arc. Whis told cell about it all when goku selected his team, cell came along and talked to Goku asking “ I known you for years I have the memories of everyone I was created from but yet I still don’t get you, but what I do know is you always have some plan or scheme to make you the hero while getting what you want so what is it.” Goku slightly looked at cell and said “ once I fight the strongest and win you’ll see.”. Cell just looked at goku and just thought “ what does he know, is it a new form, did he learn a new technique able to surpass the power of the gods, what is it Goku you have planned.”. Once they arrive the fights begin and buu, Goku and Gohan beat their opponents but Gohan made it a tie, Cell was surprised as to how powerful gohan became and he smirked and whispered “no matter how hard I tried I could never break you Gohan.”, Goku looked at cell and quietly said “ you really aren’t the same as him, we couldn’t change him but we were able to change you”. Cell smirked back at Goku and just nodded, then Goku tried to reason with Bergamo and he reacted by getting Goku to be the god's enemy from all of the universes trying to have them have their team go full out. Whis went to Cell and said “Why didn’t you try to talk goku into losing, you know what he was doing you were reading his mind.” Cell told Whis “he’s an idiot but he wouldn’t put so much on the line just to have a good fight and to fight the strongest, and besides the multiverse being destroyed wouldn’t do anything to me so if he does mess up i’m safe and I can use my powers to bring it back.” . Whis responded with “ so you told Goku and the others about your cells being able to combine with hit’s and your powers coming back with a new ability, that’s good so you're aware if lord Zeno destroy something everything goes no matter how powerful and no matter how durable you know that right.” Cell just stares at Whis and just ask “ WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME, IF HE MESS THIS UP I, oh I can’t fix it.” Whis tells Cell if you don’t want him to mess up just train him yourself if you use you new technique you can help him and his team rain on top.”. Cell thinks for a moment and tells Whis “ fine i’ll train him but if he gets this messed up i'm going to use my stinger and I will absorb you so I can fix this, while your father spares all of the angel’s maybe I can manage to save the day” Whis said “ that won’t work on me again” cell just said “ I only scratched you it wasn’t enough to be fused with my cell’s”. Whis said “And next time you try that i’ll be make sure lord beerus isn’t the only one taking a nap”. Cell just smirked and said “if you're fast enough this time, maybe your father can keep up”. They then left to find a team after hearing the rules and the grand priest stared at cell and said”i’m ready when you are” Cell smiled and left with the others. While Goku Gathered the Z warriors Cell used the Kai’s instantaneous movement techniques he gained from the supreme Kai’s cells when buu nearly killed him, and Cell went to Zeno’s palace and challenged the Grand Priest. Cell was not able to land a single blow even by combining his fighting with Hit’s abilities throwing many attacks able to kill any ordinary fighter but it didn’t even do a thing to him and the Grand priest ended it with a single blow. Cell just asked “ your power, it’s not of an Angel, it’s not from a demon, and it’s not even close to a god’s ki what are you.” the grand priest just ignored it and just said “ you seems to be a threat to deities and can even be a threat to us all, I should kill you to prevent that but I have a better idea” he then instantly is right infront of Cell making him have a surprised look and the grand priest said “come on find me when you have energy like mine” he then pushes Cell into a wormhole sending him back on Whis’s planet. Cell then gripped his hand and then said “ when I gain that energy I’ll come back” Cell then asked Whis “I want you to increase my training to the point where I can have the weight of the universe on me and I still can take you down so I can be a challenge to beings like your father. I want Ki like his and I want to be able to gain his respect like he earned mine.”. Whis told Cell he’ll see what he can do and they left to train but Cell told Whis “ I’m sorry for what I said, you're right I do think like a god of destruction, I want to think like you and to be able to have no weaknesses like you.”. Whis tells Cell common we have some training to do I have you and 10 others to train and I could use your help, you can train Goku and Vegeta while I take care of the rest.” Cell ask “ How is that helping me train?” Whis tells Cell “ You don’t need to eat, sleep or rest just train with me when the rest are all done and can’t move. Cell nods his head and goes to train with Goku and Vegeta, making them grow in power making it double by the day until the tournament.