Hello guys! I am Anakin Skyobiliviator, an admin in some sites. I wrote this blog to explain a bit about my wikia history.

Okay, so I was an anonymous user on Wookieepedia for two years reading their quality articles and such, edit here and there, don't even know what "You got new message" mean when it pop up...then I got a laptop. I sign up almost right away and think they are nice people. Boy was I wrong! I was trying to merge two articles by making a new header on the page that the article suppose to merge into and an Admin undo it (As a result Edit Error). I did the same thing, he repeated. This goes on for 5 minutes until I check the article history and he put in the summery "That is not how to merge articles" so I ask him, so how to merge? He got back by, "Not copying exactly, just rewrite it" I said OK, but now the questions are How? The two articles about the object have similar purposes , alright, but it is about two objects are completely different! It is like merging car with bike! So I left it alone. I went to another page and add info I think the article needs, and what do you know? He came back and undo it!

Angry of the insult, I erase the message on my talk page. Then next thing I know is that I am blocked for a week. After that was over, I ask a question on their forum and they said "We do not answer by speculations" so I began to make my profile look better, soon I ask another question I cannot find and, once again, I was blocked (for a month!) During the block, I look at all the userboxes and one caught my interest: "This user contributes to battlefront wiki" I clicked on the link and who knows that it will soon be my main wiki?

So with my early wikia history over, I conclude that I became an admin of the Battlefront wiki quite soon afterward and made a few friends. Currently, I oversee quite a number of wikia sites and when I am a normal user, I feel...weak. But nonetheless I will make good edits (Except for Wookieepedia, I don't even edit there antmore.)