Andrew Cao

aka A Refreshed Worker

  • I live in In Wikiland
  • My occupation is To give information
  • I am Male
  • Andrew Cao

    Change From Me

    December 29, 2016 by Andrew Cao

    Hey guys, I've missed you guys but I just want you guys to know I'm back so don't listen to the message on my wall. Feel free to contact me!

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  • Andrew Cao

    Hello, it's Andrew here. Here to write a sad story.

    I am leaving Wikia. I have made the final, definite choice - to leave Wikia. I'm probably returning under another account, maybe. Who thinks what?

    Also, another question. If I return, what username would I return? Answer the question below. It is dreadful to leave this account because of all the happy times. Bye.

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  • Andrew Cao

    Howdy Wikians, it's explanation time. I'm Andrew and you can find me editing actively here or on Code Wiki. It's time I write another helpful, explanatory blog.

    Writing a good blog is vital for Community Highlights. So I'm here to show you how to avoid your blog from being deleted from a housekeeper. These are musts in order to not get your blogs deleted. If you do these things, go to heading 3 for tips and suggestions. So let's go and begin our curious adventure!

    1. Don't write one or two line blogs that are spammy, advertising, and/or that hurts other's feelings.
    2. No weird, random words or criticism.
    3. Blank blogs - this one is the most important. There is a bug when you press the "Enter" key it just publishes a blank blog.

    You may get a . What …

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  • Andrew Cao

    Howdy Wikians,

    If you're new, I'm going to introduce myself, I am Andrew. If you've been here when I wrote the previous blog post, I want to readvertise Code Wiki.

    Ok, let's get to the point. We need more contributors to help make this more popular! We need admins, Code Team. We want to make this community a help and successful wiki. Help us out by adding pages, sharing this wiki with others, and get the Admin Dashboard to 100%! My dream was and still is to let my wiki have a successful spotlight, be a special wiki, and reach out to do all languages! As this wiki is still a newbie, created on April 26, 2016, we have 10 articles. Contribute! Let us get some more and fulfill my dream! Please use your spare time to contribute to this wiki. Als…

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  • Andrew Cao

    Oh well, no positives, so I will soon be deleting this

    Welcome to this challenge! We are challenging you to make 100 edits in a month. If you want to attend, type your sig into the comments, I'll type your username (if you're qualified) into the box below. Be ready for the big party! Your editing session will close on June 29, 2016 and winners will be shown one June 30, 2016.

    • You must already have at least 5 edits.
    • You must be active.
    • You must not be blocked or banned.
    • NO spamming in the comments box, if this turns into a heated discussion, I will close the comments and winners will be picked on the day after disabling the comments and winners will be shown 2 days afterward.

    If you agree, put your sig in the comments section.

    I hope you all enjoy…

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