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I've seen floods of activity with blog comments. I'm here to do a quick blog to explain.


This is a quick explanation for new users to learn the basics of blogs.

What are blogs?

Well, blogs are usually a person writes it and it is not a collaborative page. Right now you are looking at a blog.

How do I write a blog?

Step One: My way is to click your profile then click on Blog. Like this:
User Blog Access
Step Two: Click "Create blog post". Like this:
Blog Post Creator
Check Sannse's blog for writing information.

One Special Thing


Good job! I've given you a Community Highlight!

When you write a good blog post, you can earn a Community Highlight! Here are some rosettes from Sannse.

Intermediate Blogs

This course will help you in daily blogs.

Design Your Blog

  • Use good faith. Use kind words.
  • Pay attention to your comments.
  • Include images.
  • Give helpful tips.
  • Don't make it a spam blog.

What I've Heard


The next sections are for you.

Candidates for Deletion

Please don't put delete templates for blogs. It's rude. I guess just leave a simple, motivating comment. Or just leave them alone. Nevertheless, Joey or Sannse will clean it up for housekeeping.

Blog Creators

Sometimes your blog gets deleted when you don't write anything. Why? I am warning that don't press the enter key. Click "ok".

That's all that I have in store! Have fun making blogs! See you next time!

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