Hi everyone. My name is Andrew, and I would like to share my new project, Code Wiki. I'm making this so you can get all the information you want about code, one of my favorite topics!! I love to code and want to code and I want everyone else to enjoy it.

I started getting interested in code a few months back, just from coding at school and Wikia. Since then I have been coding daily.

If you love code, or are just interested in making a great community about something awesome, please join me. So far I've written just 4 pages, but I want to make many, many more. My goal is to have a page for each type of code, and pages about other things related to code or information about Wikia including CSS, HTML, Javascript and many other topics.

I also want to grow an active chat to talk about code and other things about Wikia and also things we find interesting, and a forum for questions about code. Eventually this should be a vibrant community of code and Wikia fans. I definitely don't know everything about coding, but I'm willing to learn, and willing to help others learn too.

I would love you to add a page about any type of code, or to help with categories and images. Or you could ask a question on the blog, I'd love to try and find an answer for you. I could also do with some help setting up infoboxes for the wiki, those look tricky.

I hope you will join me, and together we can make the Code Wiki awesome!

Most of all, I wish that this wiki can be spotlighted, made an app, TV, newspapers, and more! Though I'd love if you would come, but if you don't I don't mind. Keep in mind that You're free to contribute and share you ideas. We also have a chinese wiki and I am going to make many more languages.

I hope this wiki's future is bright and I'd love to see project making, helping others, and curiosity. Most if all, try to help out!

Here's the link: Button