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User blog:Andrew Cao/We Need More Users! - Code Wiki Part 1


We Need More Users! - Code Wiki Part 1

Code Wiki
Howdy Wikians,

If you're new, I'm going to introduce myself, I am Andrew. If you've been here when I wrote the previous blog post, I want to readvertise Code Wiki.

Ok, let's get to the point. We need more contributors to help make this more popular! We need admins, Code Team. We want to make this community a help and successful wiki. Help us out by adding pages, sharing this wiki with others, and get the Admin Dashboard to 100%! My dream was and still is to let my wiki have a successful spotlight, be a special wiki, and reach out to do all languages! As this wiki is still a newbie, created on April 26, 2016, we have 10 articles. Contribute! Let us get some more and fulfill my dream! Please use your spare time to contribute to this wiki. Also, If you want to explore, click this blue "Check it Out!" button below or the Code Wiki wordmark on top. Enjoy!



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