Modern Wikia is seeking Contributors

The Modern wikia is all about everything modern and present in the world from the years of 1980 to the present. From Modern defense and military, to modern structures, from modern periods of time, to modern technology and inventions and even more!!! We have created a new skin on May 12, 2010 and Andrew Reno is currently seeking contributors and users who have a passion for the modern society dating from 1980 to the present time and are willing to help out our community by editing and creating articles and reaching our top goal of 10,000 articles! Sure the requests for Admin and Bureau rights are tough to get but we want people who are willing to demonstrate that they can stay and help out not leave and forget about us. We also have some cool features like an awsome community portal, a toolbar, news, chat, and much more! If you want to join and help us contribute join us here @ Modern Wikia and be sure to leave your comments on what you think.--Andrew Schlieffen Executive Administrator of Modern Wikia and Valkyrie Movie Wikia 19:00, June 11, 2010 (UTC)