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    Young Justice!

    February 13, 2012 by Andrewjameshiggins

    This is about the Young Justice series that you're site refers to as Volume 1!

    1. Cover

    Superboy, Robin, Impulse

    First Page (Robin is having a nightmare!)

    Robin, Batman

    Second Page (Superboy's nightmare)

    Superboy, Superman

    Third Page (Impulse's nightmare)


    Fourth Page

    Impulse, Superboy, Robin

    Seventh Page (skipped due to adverts, unless you want the adverts as well!)

    Superboy, Robin, Impulse

    Eigth Page (Excavation Site)

    Professor Nina Dowd, the tyre of the super cycle

    Ninth Page

    Nina Dowd, Murph,

    Tenth Page

    Impulse, Robin, Superboy, Red Tornado

    Eleventh Page

    Robin, Impulse, Superboy, Red Tornado

    Twelth Page

    Red Tornado, Superboy, Impulse, Robin, Batman

    Fifteenth Page

    Superboy, Red Tornado, Robin, Impulse

    Sixteent Page

    Robin, Red Tornado, Superboy, Impulse,


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