After several years of being online, I've noticed some users don't stay safe online.

In some situations the key principles of staying safe online is to NOT provide your "private" details online even if its this website wikia. Some users have been found to accidently or diliberately post private details online without the knowledge of the parents or legit friends. Some of the private details can contain email address from friends which haven't given the consent for the said email address to be publicly disclose or details of your home address; never give this detail away unless you know for definite who you are talking to.

Although Wikia chat is useful for getting some "helpful" requests it is always good to know and for you to stay on guard and protect your details from being expose and from exposing your "friends" details.

You should never give details (example: If you are taking medication, being in hospital etc) some details are private and should never be given away, if you do some users might start to cause cyber-bullying and/or racial hatred towards you or others because of the exposed details then seek official advice from parents if these persists then contact the wikia staff.

The Staff on Wikia have always been cautious/eager in informing users to be careful and act responsibility when using the site and chat function on wikia. Although wikia chat is generally off-topic its usually helpful to know what off-topic is allowed on the chat, arguing or causing upsets to users when discussing off-topic content are not generally helpful.

Name bullying are classed as part of cyber-bullying and there are laws and international laws in place which try and prevent cyber-bullying some cyber-bullying can cause problems offline when the user in question may cause suicidals because of said bullying. It is always useful for you don't start bullying other users on wikia or any other sites since I've noticed that many users who use chat on wikia (community central) and other wikis are young ones also and may not be in the adult hood years.

You should act sensible in this, if you do provide private details always be aware that users online may not be what they seemed and may not be as you expected in real-life as some could have a criminal past or worst.