Intro: this is the first piece of fanfiction i've ever thought of publishing. This is set as the journal of Ivy, a contestant on Total Drama to replace Beth, who has little personality. Ivy is like me in a way that she wants to win in the right way but still have her share of rivalries. Like me, she also does tae kwon doe, loves blue man group, craves ranch dressing, has the same birthday as me (June 25) and has a crush on DJ. I originally wrote this in my journal, with regular consultation from my sister Rebecca. She is currently working on Total Drama NEW!! on the regular fanfiction page. she consults me and inspired me to start posting. Becca, you ROCK!

June 25

This was the craziest birthday ever. They say that 16 is one of the best years of your life. Uh huh, sure. Anyway, right now I'm competing on a reality show, Total Drama Island. I hate the dude who hosts, Chris McLean, and know that he's sugar coating the location.

I leave my mom's car at the dock. She had a long drive, having to go from Calgary to Muskoka. After increased separation anxiety warnings, she finally left me to wait for the boat.

I'm assuming all the other contestants were already waiting, too. I saw a muscular girl with a very heavy looking bag lifting dumbbells. Why? I don't know. I saw an Asian girl with a very skimpy halter top yelling at someone via cell phone. A guy was leaning on a tree plucking the strings of his guitar. Another, this one short, was trying to impress a couple of girls dressed like each other. When I finally get on the boat, I feel extremely out of place.

After a short five minute boat ride, I get off on the island, Camp Wawanakwa. Try to see that on a t shirt. Yep, Chris Mc-Pain- in- the -Butt himself was waiting. "Okay, Ivy, you are here. I heard some great things about you. You're in the Calgary Black Belt League, right?" "Yeah, but don't try and woo me, geezer. You're SO not my type." He had no comment on this. The boat docked again (return trips must not take too long), and the most ADORABLE guy got off. He was black, tall, and muscular, with a kind smile on his face. "DJ, check." said Chris. I twisted a lock of my red hair around my finger. "Hello, DJ. I'm Ivy, but I won't poison you. Maybe." I said. He laughed. "That's a relief. I don't want that to interfere with our conversation." The next contestant to get off was a girl named Gwen, who looked kinda emo. She seemed like a pretty good person. Then came Duncan, who was another punk and was taking a recess from juvy. "How do you pierce your eyebrow? That can't even be possible." He held up a needle "With great difficulty, sweetheart." Next was a guy named Noah, who had some sarcasm in him (okay actually a lot). Then an anal chick named Courtney and the girl with the dumbbells (Eva). Upon stepping on the dock, she dropped her heavy looking bag on my foot. "God, I value my feet. I have to side kick with them." She laughed and asked me to show her some moves later. Then was a blonde girl named Lindsay. She immediately became confused with the setup. "Can you say dumb blonde?" I whispered to Noah. She looked fine though, maybe even subtley talented. The cell yeller stomped onto the dock. "Don't even talk to me." she snapped at Lindsay. "Whoa, Asian Regina George." Lindsay whispered. "I know, right?" I said back.