Once upon a time, there live a girl named Jane. Her mom and dad had die when she was 2 years old. Jane lived her grandmother and her aunt. Her aunt named Jessie and her grandmother named Olana. One day, Jessie put poison in Olana's drink without Olana's and Jane's knowledge. Olana wanted to drink the water that Jessie made it with poisons. Olana drank it. In a minute, Olana had die. Jane was so sad and Jessie don't care about does things. After they arrive at the grave, Jane asked to Jessie: "Aunt did you know why grandmother can die?" And Jessie answered madly," I don't know Jane!!!!!!" When they arrived at their home Jessie tied Jane hans with rope thightly and hited her hands with rough rocks. Jessie asked to Jane, "I even can killed my mother you know and i also can kill you now!!!" Jane shouted loudly till their neighbour hear it and bought Jessie to jail. And now Jane lived alone. Jane can't do anything so she go to the streer and asking for money for eat. One day, a fast car runs so fast till crashed Jane. The owner of the car bring Jane to the hospital and Jane can't be helped anymore and Jane died. After 15 years passed, Jessie went back to the house and see no Jane inside. She asked her neighbour and they said that Jane had died. She was so sad and became crazy. Her neighbour bring she to the hospital. And she died in the hospital. The End.