I created an organization called CMCI (Craft Media Cast International),a company for creating Minecraft Fanon,it is now for creating all kinds of stuff. It was originally run by me myself,but then I recruited a person who hasent contributing to the wiki for a long time. He created a character named Wipeout,a minecraft wither skeleton. If you want to take a look at our main project go here. You can also request us to make something in the comment section,it does not have to be Minecraft and does not have to be fanon at all,you can ask us to make games,movies or TVs but not real ones but we can make real stories,like a Minecraft fanon.

We now have a wiki hub,it's located here

This blog has been translated to:

Template for requesting things

Copy the thing below to your comments if you want to suggest something,you have to use it so I can see it,please don't change it around,fill out the fields with info.


'''Title of request:'''

'''Plot of story:'''

'''Is this fanon?:'''

'''If it is fanon,what is it fanon of?:'''

'''Other details:'''



'''Title of request:'''The Adventures of Steve

'''Plot of story:'''Steve sets out on an adventure to save the Overworld.

'''Is this fanon?:'''Yes

'''If it is fanon,what is it fanon of?:'''Minecraft

'''Other details:'''

There are things that don't exist in Minecraft



Title of request:The Adventures of Steve

Plot of story:Steve sets out on an adventure to save the Overworld.

Is this fanon?:Yes

If it is fanon,what is it fanon of?:Minecraft

Other details:There are things that don't exist in Minecraft

Full list of Creations

Minecraft Fanon Wiki

Things being worked on

You can request us to create something,anything. There is a log of stuff you guys requested here


...that I made

  • Craft Studios,the gaming company
  • Craft Publishing,the book company
  • Craft Movies,the movie company

If you want to become a member of CMCI,ask me.

CMCI Wikis

This is a list of wikis that CMCI is on

  • Minecraft Fanon Wiki (here),this is where we usually put our Minecraft Fanon


This is the CMCI creations

  • The Craftverse,a Minecraft fan fiction about a 24-year-old named Alan who is stopping the Trolls from taking over the Overworld
  • Minecraft Specials,another MC Fanon
  • MGA,another MC Fanon

CMCI also helped...

  • From Noob to Pro,a story about a pro teaching a Minecraft noob to be a pro