Hello, it's me Angry. I have decided to do Creepypasta reviews. My first review shall be "Last Summer". It's a short story, but mysterious.


If you expect this story to make sense by the end, you're going to be disappointed. To this day it doesn't even begin to comprehend in my mind of frustration and guilt. Anyways, here is the story of last summer.

This is the first paragraph of the story and I believe this makes the story slightly more predictable: that something mysterious will happen in the end. While reading the story, I thought the end was actually when it gets real.

In the beginning there was a minor spelling mistake. It was a compound word separated into two words, but i'm going to stop talking about this before this turns into a blog about spelling mistakes.

The story is about a women who moves into the house of her missing fiancé and something appears on the fridge saying "The Basement". It appears twice, which is not good for creepypastas because it's been used once. Don't use it again.

She found out about "The Basement" in a Skype chat with her friends.

She later goes into the basement and finds a bag filled with insects and spiders, along with the even creepier addition of the corpse of the fiancé (who's name was Brian, by the way). It is a rather fine addition for a creepypasta.

She goes back to another Skype call with said friends and it's revealed that she killed Brian. Her friends ask her when it happened and she answers with... you guessed it: "Last Summer".

The story then ends, allowing the reader to think about what happens next. As I mentioned earlier, that tricked me into thinking that's when it gets real, but it wasn't.

Because of the beginning message it makes it less scary because it's unlikely the character died.

So i'd give this story a rating of 4/10.

If you want to take a look at the story, it's right here.

The story was made on: July 4, 2014
The story creator was: SaraSparkles

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