Hello, Wikians and... Tenretnians. Yes. I said that. What is a Tenretnian? It's an inhabitant of Tenretni. What is Tenretni, well, there are two, that's right, two definitions:

1.Astronomy A large KBO that somehow has light, it is definitely an anomaly. It is speculated that the light is provided by a group of people in the planet's core, but it is mostly denied.
2.A series created by AngrydroidForce99 that details the adventures of a group of people who live on Tenretni

"Angry, what is the meaning of this pointless blog?"

So some people look at my story series.

"Okay, continue."

Look at it.

Tenretni is about, well, what the definitions says. If you want me to be more precise, Tenretni is...

Spoil it, spoil it.

Tenretni is about the main character (who says is name is Bob, but I don't believe him) who goes around fighting the evil guys. Th wrd mn knwn s "Bl Rwrd" No I will not spoil it. You should read the stories if you want to know what happens.


Random bystander: Who are you talking to?


Also, if you want Angry to make those amazing pixel images, message him (the original image is less blurry)