I decided to create a collaboration of fanon-related wikis with a name I don't know yet (vote in the comments!). You can also have your wikis join even if they are not about fanon or about OCs (so those users can help other users). Some popular subjects have their own categories. I also made a wiki hub for it. On the hub, you can put articles about your stuff or make articles about your favorite creations (be sure to credit the creators though).

List of members (by subject)

Founders and other wikis that keep the crew up
Gaming-related wikis
OC (Original character) Wikis
Wikis mainly for non-fanon things (things created by the author)
Wikis about canon timelines

Wikis covering all aspects of the subject

Wikis about the person's own creation

Wikis about fictional lands, countries, wars etc.

Meme-related Wikis
Minecraft-related wikis
Call of Duty-related wikis
Halo-related wikis
Wikipedia-related wikis
Trolling-related wikis
Fanon wikis
Humor wikis



No order


  • January 9, 2016: Super Mario 64 Bloopers Fanon Wiki, Medieval Wiki and Larnojahokpedia join
  • January 11, 2016: Cory White House de Chou Taihen Wikia joins