Recently there has been a large amount of problems on wikia.

With the That1Girl thing,I have recently told her to try contacting her friends on another wiki,and she claims three other accounts spamming ThatAmericanDream's wall are not hers,one of which is called "That1Boy". That is impersonation,which is a blatant violation of the ToU and to make sure that they are not the same accounts,an IP check should be done by staff. If it comes back as matching,well,what if it's someone just using the same IP and not actually That1Girl. If it does not come back as matching,I recommend globally blocking That1Boy but not globally blocking That1Girl

As for my block on Trollpasta,I would like to say that I DID NOT CREATE THE PREVIOUS BLOGS OR THIS ONE AS AN ATTACK ON THE ADMINS. Also on my wiki,a former chat moderator has many alternate accounts,that I'm okay with,but Trollpasta admins keep blocking them despite them not doing anything bad on Trollpasta (as far as in can tell). But that's completely out of the question.

Raiders/raiding are also a problem,I heard about a raiding crew called the FNSC that dropped a massive spam nuke on the old chat of the FNaF wiki. Also,an admin on Trollpasta and Starpolar (a dead wiki) temporarily re-enabled the chat on Starpolar just so he can get a ton of users to drop the hugest spam bomb I have ever seen in my life. Now back to the FNSC,they have raided a ton of wikis and only half of them are blocked. They also blamed Trollpasta and "EVIL PATRIXXX" for the attacks,which is completly false. Trollpasta is completely against raiders and so why would they do this.

One final thing currently is that an admin on the Polandball wiki blocked a ton of users for no reason at all. I think that admins being allowed to block for any reason they want is a bad rule and when this happens,what if that user had a ton of friends on that wiki and because of some corrupt admin,they can't contact their friends or edit their fanon,just because some admin was like "This guy is on chat,we should block them cuz they deserve to be for no reason".