I had an idea to keep Wikians up to date with events happening on Wikia by using WikiNews. It is what it sounds like. News about Wikia. The pages come in the form of blogs on Community Central.

Use the WikiNews template. You can write notes at the bottom. Also, think about what you are going to write before you write it.

Message me if you want to volunteer to be a reporter or newsman (the newsmen go to certain wikis of their choice.

NOTE: This is news about stuff happening everywhere on Wikia, so it is a good idea to spread the word.




Creates blogs about a subject using the said template above.


Goes around certain wikis of their choice and look for anything interesting. They create a Pastebin paste or multiple about any random happenings on the wiki in the last week. They go on chat and talk to the users.

You can be a newsman if you are blocked, but you can't go on chat or interview users about things (you can, however, interview them on CC).

Newsmen send the Pastebin paste to a reporter for them to analyze it and write about the interesting stuff. They also take screenshots of stuff, upload the screenshots to Wikia and link them in the Pastebin paste.


Does both.

List of news reporters