This is a blog post about Wikia City which is something totally not copied from Nachtide,:P

If it's okay with another person,you can move to their house,even in the middle of the stories,also if someone moves out,there will be another space open

There can be 10 people on one road,so apply quick (max. 50 people)

The story starts on Christmas

Also,tell me what house address you want for example:

  • User: I want to be in 136 Alexander Street


  • Alexander Street (intersects with Jimbo Wales Ave,dead end)
    • Me
  • Jimbo Wales Ave (intersects with Alexander Street,goes to Green Way)
  • Blue Place (intersects with Green Way,dead end)
  • Green Way (intersects with Blue Place,goes to Troll Street)
  • Troll Street (dead end)


None yet