Attention gamers! Have you ever had ideas to make certain games better? Ever thought about making your own games? Well, I have the Wiki to do this!


Created a few months ago by my fellow administrator NicoL, the Wiki has become terribly inactive, with only me editing articles. As I am writing this blog, we have 33 articles here, ouch. So gamers, would you like to join this community and help us out?

Why should you join?

That is a good question: "Why should I join?". The answer to this is: because you can create any game for any system. Hey, you can even create your own systems if you want!

Original games are welcome too, along with recolours. No games are deleted unless inappropriate or just full of spam.

Where is this Wiki?

The Video Games Fanon wiki can be found at the following URL:

What are the rules of the Wiki

Unlike many other wikis, we have very few rules. Basically, the rules are:

  • Create anything related to games.
    • Movies can be created, though they must be at user page sub-pages.
  • No inappropriate content or spamming.

and most of all

  • Have fun!!

Can I have this Wiki as an affiliate?


Sure, anyone can become an affiliate for the Wiki, just contact me on my talk page and we can become affiliates. Please have a 88x33px image for your wiki or website, though.

Thank you,
Animal Crossing Leader, Administrator.