aka DJ

  • I live in alternate universe
  • I was born on May 28
  • My occupation is anime & manga
  • Anime'sbabe


    My name, as you may or may not know, is Hannah. For many years, I've been obssessed with Anime, (but it'd have to be romance or else I wouldn't watch it). Recently, I've discovered this website, where it helps me find out information about my characters, (and sometimes, when I'm nervous about the plot, it spoils future events.
    As I type this, I am being brutaly attacked by my younger brother and cousin.
    Anyways, back on the topic at hand, I am actually very young. Well, as I thirteen, I find that I am in fact, still young. I have a growing passion for writing, *cough, cough, check out my accoutn on Wattpad: bloodwine* I like writing poetry, I loath school and work, but english seems to be my only exception. I don't necesseraly like …

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