One Piece is one of my top 3 favorite anime. For those who do not know what One Piece is I'll give you a brief summary.


  The main protagnist of the ongoing series is Monkey D. Luffy. His dream is to become the King of the Pirates and find the legendary One Piece. The King of the Pirates was Gol D. Roger who had all the wealth, fame, power, and all the other things the world had to offer. Before he was excuted he set in motion what is known as the Great Pirate era with his last words. 

Straw Hat Pirates

      Along his advanture he befriends Roronoa Zoro, a skilled three-style swordsman, Nami, an excellent navigator, Usopp, a lier and coward, but an excellent marksman, Vinsmoke Sanji, a superb chef, and Tony Tony Chopper, a skilled doctor. 

Personal Note  

Please feel free to comment, make suggestions on what to add, or share some of your theories. I'm merely a fan of One Piece and I've only seen the East Blue Saga and Alabasta Saga. I plan on continuing to update my blog as I learn more about the wonderful anime, One Piece. 

Please Enjoy!

Warning: No Spoilers Please