Hello everyone, I'm making my first blog post about how someone should react to a block.

The correct way to react to a block

When you look at your profile and it says that you are blocked, react in a calm way, go do something else, and eventually you'll learn from your mistake and when your block expires, hopefully you'll be a better user than before.

The incorrect way to react to a block

If you get blocked, here are some things you should not do:

  • Gloat about it
  • Call the admin that blocked you an insult, just because they blocked you doesn't mean they're idiots
  • Create a hate wiki about the admin that blocked you
  • If you were blocked for being underaged, don't complain that you were joking about your age, the COPPA law exists beause some creeps like to find kids under 13 online and hurt them
  • Creating a hate account like "User Ihatethisguy" or putting down that you hate a user on your profile.
  • Make fake rumors about them
  • Make a sockpuppet account and say you're not the blocked user in disguise

If you've been blocked, I hope you follow these tips and learn your lesson about react to a block. Happy editing!