Hi guys! ;DDD

Ask meh anything! ;P but here are the following rules:

a.) Don't ask questions that are too personal or I won't reply and I'll tell you that I do not wish to share my personal information. These questions include phone number, address, full name, social media accounts, and also a picture of what I look like in real life. I'm okay with people asking about my age, country, interests/hobbies, favourite ____, though...

b.) Anything homophobic, racist, or discrimination against a particular group of people will be reported. Sometimes users may ask very offensive questions. Please don't do that, I don't appreciate offensive jokes, comments, questions, etc. 

c.) Inappropriate questions are not tolerated, sorry. That includes violence, sexual questions, profanity, and talking in an inappropriate manner. These questions might be appropriate for older contributors here, but remember that there are users that are still young lurking around. 

d.) Do not spam or ask the same question over and over again. There's no reason to ask over and over again. You can also scroll down the comments to see if anyone has ever asked the same question that you wish to ask before asking.

That's all ;DDD ask me anything except for topics that break the above rules! ^_^