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  • I live in Sabbat sector
  • My occupation is Sniper
  • I am Female
  • AnselaJonla

    The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a popular, but much-maligned breed in the UK. Over ten years 356,000 were microchipped here, making them the third most popular breed in that time period, behind Labrador Retrievers and Jack Russell Terriers, it is always the dog that gets the blame. Never the owner, never the other animal involved, never the child that may have been tormenting the dog (and as an adult who used to be that tormenting child, I can understand why a dog might have had enough one day). It is always and forever 100% the dog's fault, in both how the media reports it and in how many viewers and readers understand it.

    There is, of course, bias on the part of the media. Bites by larger dogs, especially the "devil breed" of the day (before …

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