It's really hard getting a reply from this regular user on Scoobypedia. He's fairly good, as he follows the way things are done and when they are changed (at least, he chooses certain things to follow).

Occasionally, I tell/ask him things on his message wall, and that's where the problem comes: He never replies, which isn't at all helpful sometimes. I sometimes have to ban him (it's short) to get his attention when it doesn't look like he's at least read what I've told him on his message wall. I don't know if it's out of shyness, because he has said things before, but he just generally does not say a thing. I get that some people want to edit and don't want to communicate on any level (because they're just there to edit and that's that), but on the other hand, I think if you make enough edits and spent a certain amount of time on a wiki, you put yourself in the wiki's community. And that also makes it look like you're accessible to anyone who might want to know something from you because you've been around for a while and might look like you know what you're doing, when you're never get a response because that guy is never going to answer you. That could happen in any situation, but bringing it back to my own problem, there is something I specificly would like to know from this specific user and I know I won't get an answer.

So I would like to know if anybody has any tips on what I could do? (Or maybe a staff member can ask him nicely in the spirit of keeping up communication between users. I know you keep out of that, but if I tell the guy enough is enough because he doesn't talk, he's not going to respond with, "Okay, I'll communicate from now on." He'll most likely never come back or appear under another name. And I do actually find him helpful.) Any help would be appreciated.