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As I am new to Wikia and this is my first blog post I thought that instead of writing about me and all that usual stuff that people normally write about in their blogs, that for a change I would use this as a blog about my life on Wattpad (if you haven't heard of Wattpad, it's a website where people all around the world can write, share or just read other people's stories).

My name on Wattpad is AthenaandAphrodite and I am currently writing a Harry Potter fanfiction called Life After The War, as well as some Head Cannons (short mini stories) as often as I can.

So that's basically what this is going to be about...

Here is one of my favourite Head Cannons that I have written.

Snape #1

Snape was welcomed into heaven with a smile from Remus, a fist bump from Sirius, a hand shake from James and, a hug and a kiss on the cheek from Lily. He had done them proud and he was finally accepted.

Thank you.

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