• AproExo

    Wikia Update Ideas

    April 23, 2015 by AproExo

    Out of sheer boredom, I decided to create a Blog post about showing other Wikia users your ideas for future Wikia updates. Here's my list of ideas so far, and feel free leave a comment if you have some good ideas of your own. :)

    1. Allowing animated gif files on profile pictures.

    2. Profile customizer, in a similar way to DeviantArt Muro.

    3. Automatic user profile templates.

    4. Mobile previews for editing pages fixed.

    5. Comment lengths, goes up to about 1000 or more.

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  • AproExo

    I Hate Everything Wiki

    March 31, 2015 by AproExo

    So I've created a Wiki called the I Hate Everything Wiki, and I'm working on the 'I HATE FACEBOOK' & 'I HATE MINECRAFT' pages. But IHE has TONS more episodes like that. So if possible, please could a couple of you guys go onto the Wiki and fill the empty pages up for me? Thanks. ;)

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  • AproExo

    While I was bored and I was looking at random Wiki's which my good friend BonBooker was joining, I found an image called 'StarTrekTennis.gif'. And since that day, I loved using the website. [

    With this website, you will be able to create gif files like the ones below.

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