The morning sun shone brightly through the window in Cat’s room. She yawned, opening her eyes. She slowly got up, stretching her arms. As she stood up, the floor creaked under her weight. She was soon reminded of the memory that was seared into her mind two months ago, and she shook her head of the thought that crept to her mind. She climbed up the wall to a hole in the roof, which was caused by the battle.

As she reached the roof, she could feel the wind blowing. She turned her attention to the woods that stretched across the otherside of the pond to near her home. She heard shouting coming from the woods. Amidst the green leaves and the undergrowth, she saw a flicker of blue dash by as fast as lightning. It was followed by another, then the two exploded out of the woods, heading towards her home. Cat quickly dove down onto the deck to intercept the two before they could reach the house.

She saw that one of them was a dark blue robot with menacing red eyes. She recognized him at once and hissed, then she leaped onto the railing, flicking her tail. As she did, it flung out a blue ball of light, which struck the ground in front of the robot, and ice spikes shot up from the ground. The robot was only a few feet away, but had swiftly reacted to slow down to a halt. It looked up at Cat. “New target confirmed. Commencing attack.”, he growled, then attempted to blast Cat. The blasts, instead of hitting Cat, had hit an invisible barrier.

Cat smirked, then darted forwards. The robot attempted to blast her again, but she dodged swiftly. She knew that the robot was calculating where she would land next, so she decided to mix up her attack a little. When she knew the robot was going to blast again, Cat teleported behind it, then blasted it with a fireball. It went flying, but then it got up. It must have decided not to fight Cat, and it began to retreat. “Get back here, scrap metal!”, Cat shouted, then took chase.

She was on all fours, springing and bounding with astonishing speed. She came up to the robot’s tail, then leaped. She tackled the robot, but she realized too late that there was a portal, and the two went through. They landed on the ground, Cat was on top of the robot. But she had little time to react when it swatted her off. She regained her balance in midair, and landed on her cybernetic tail, and then to her feet. She glared at the robot, feeling a fire arise up inside her.

She sprang forwards, the fire giving her more speed and power. She attempted to slam a fiery paw into the robot, but it dodged. But, instead of falling, she smiled, “Chaos Control!”, then teleported behind the robot. The blow landed without fail, knocking the robot out of the air. She landed on her feet, overwatching the robot. “If you try to make a fancy move, I’ll tear you apart, no questions asked.”, she hissed. The robot got up, about to attack, but then a blue blur dashed out of the portal and Spin Dashed the robot.

Cat, taking advantage of the moment, fused her Lightning Dash with her Blazing Strike, and a yellow-orange aura began to glow around her. She darted forwards at a high speed, and rammed into the robot, creating an explosion. Cat went out of her Lighting Fire form and landed on the ground. As the dust began to settle, she could see that the blue robot had been demolished. The blue hedgehog gazed at her in surprise, and then a smile crawled on his face. "Seems like we got a new ally on Mobius.".