I like Mr. AB's class because he is very funny, and he explains things very well. Its easy to understand what he is trying to say or explain. We go step by step if we are learning something new. We go through things slow, and every added information, he stops, and explains it to us. Mr. AB is awesome and so is his class. I like the way Mr. AB teaches us because all the assignments we do are fun. When you are in class, you don't feel like you are talking to a teacher. (Don't worry Mr. AB, that's something good!) It's okay if you don't know the answer for a question Mr. AB asks you, because he makes you feel like it's okay to make mistakes and not know. He shows us that EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES, and NO ONE IS PERFECT! Even he makes mistakes and that makes me feel good. For me, Mr. AB is a great teacher because he knows how we feel. He is very original and creative, everything we have done so far in his class was something I had never done! I'm glad that we have Mr. AB as the grammar teacher this year because without him, this school year would be miserable. I didn't like going to grammar class that much last year, but this year I actually enjoy learning Grammar with Mr. AB. All I have to say is THANK YOU MR. AB FOR BEING LIKE YOU ARE AND NOT MAKING MY LIFE MISERABLE! :)