Hello everyone, I'm Ariolation, and today, I'll be explaining and talking about usernames. To start off with, we need to know what a username is. So what exactly is a username? A username is a name that uniquely identifies someone on a computer, service, internet or website, like FANDOM. With that being said, let's start off from the beginning. 

Picking The Right One

Usernames uphold the current stat of a user and the value of a username is made by the amount of hardwork put into it. Unique usernames, are made out unique minds, unique thoughts. You could take it as, "one username could represent your entire life" sort of deal. It is reccomended when picking a username, that you keep it simple, unique and short. A good represantation of this is this username


Usernames don't really have to be one though, if you want to be that mysterious "You can't see me" type of person. It can just go on as much as you want, but according to Wikia, you're only allowed to have one active account, and allowed to rename once.

Rules for Usernames

Based on recent events, special characters included in usernames are now unsupported, this is to ration new-account vandalism, though some languages are supported. They can be anything, even long as heck. Some very important rules though are to make sure that you're username isn't offensive, impersonates another FANDOM user, A blocked name or one that someone has already registered.


Pick a username that is short, simple and of course, unique! I hope this blog helped in choosing a username. Please leave your suggestions on what I can improve on, in the comments. I would love to see your suggestion. 

Signing off,