• Arros482

    About the "AWA"

    October 10, 2010 by Arros482

    I have thought about this, and really came to one result. You are wasting your energy.

    It is ridiculous, see, if you would spend the time on improving your wiki you could invest the time more productive than wasting it here, building up a page called "Anti Wikia Alliance" which is another ridiculous thing. Honestly, if you only saw, how this looks from the outside. "A group of people building up a page which is against the hoster where it's built up on". The fact itself is that ridiculous...

    But the more you go into this, you can definitly point out one thing: You do not aim on improving the situation, you are simply fighting against the skin. This is a sign. You never actually tried to work with this skin, you didn't browse it out, just just…

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