Arthedain The Darkbringer

aka Airut

  • I live in Finland
  • I was born on February 12
  • My occupation is Quiet contemplation
  • I am Male
  • Arthedain The Darkbringer


    The calculations never ran out. I found it fascinating how even after my demise I could find comfort in such mundane tasks. Now, in Earth's time, it had been 2 years, 3 weeks and 7 hours from the moment my corporeal form, Arthedain, had perished and I was reverted to just being death once more, carrying souls from one life to another.

    Yet I still felt like I used to, as a living being. Granted, I wasn't initially living when I was brought into existence, but I had learned to act and think as living beings do and had been granted the gift of a physical form.

    Now, I was nothing. I was a concept in a place that didn't exist and was only known to mortals as death, the end of life, oblivion... Only my physical form was known by a name…

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  • Arthedain The Darkbringer

    Childhood friendship, Teenage romance

    It was a sunny summer day when I went out to play with Elise again. She was my neighbour and pretty much the only kid my age around so we had been friends and playing for a long time already.
    We had a special spot in the nearby park where we would meet. It was in the shade of a large oak, surrounded by bushes. A spot only we knew and was out of sight. Many a times we would meet there to tell stories, play games and just talk.
    "...And he pulled and the fish was like, this big!" I said and used my hands to demonstrate the scale. Elise looked at me intently and said "Wooow!" She giggled slightly as she looked at me, then away.
    "Josh?" she asked. I leaned back. "Yeah?"
    "Will we be friends and meet here even wh…
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