Childhood friendship, Teenage romance

It was a sunny summer day when I went out to play with Elise again. She was my neighbour and pretty much the only kid my age around so we had been friends and playing for a long time already.
We had a special spot in the nearby park where we would meet. It was in the shade of a large oak, surrounded by bushes. A spot only we knew and was out of sight. Many a times we would meet there to tell stories, play games and just talk.
"...And he pulled and the fish was like, this big!" I said and used my hands to demonstrate the scale. Elise looked at me intently and said "Wooow!" She giggled slightly as she looked at me, then away.
"Josh?" she asked. I leaned back. "Yeah?"
"Will we be friends and meet here even when we grow up?" She asked.
I smiled. "Of course. We'll always be friends and play here!"
"YAY!" She squealed and hugged me.
I opened my eyes and exhaled deeply. A smile formed across my face as I recalled these events in my head, relaxed under the shade of a tree, surrounded by bushes.
I looked to the side and my smile widened. She was walking here, her pretty smile with her as it usually was.
As promised, we were still friends... And we still met in our secret place....
She walked next to me, sat down and smiled to me as we exchanged kisses.
...Even more than friends, in fact.