The calculations never ran out. I found it fascinating how even after my demise I could find comfort in such mundane tasks. Now, in Earth's time, it had been 2 years, 3 weeks and 7 hours from the moment my corporeal form, Arthedain, had perished and I was reverted to just being death once more, carrying souls from one life to another.

Yet I still felt like I used to, as a living being. Granted, I wasn't initially living when I was brought into existence, but I had learned to act and think as living beings do and had been granted the gift of a physical form.

Now, I was nothing. I was a concept in a place that didn't exist and was only known to mortals as death, the end of life, oblivion... Only my physical form was known by a name, and even that name was an idiom of what I really was: Arthedain the darkbringer. It could have been 'Death the deathbringer' and would mean the same...

That existence amongst the living was the first time I acted on my own, of my free will. Though I did have memories of time before that, the only thing I recalled was my name and purpose, repeated an infinite amount. I did not have senses or anything to remember back then.

I left that life amongst mortals and left all hope in the hands of one, our greatest masterpiece. A human, born for one purpose and one purpose alone: To bring mankind from the brink of extinction to victory against a threat to the entire universe. This human was my protege,  a part of me and an admirable individual. Though I have sensed some familiar souls pass through, Daniel Walker's soul has not yet been seen. For as long as it remains in existence, there is always hope.

Now, I was alone in this void, with only one regret. The only one I learned to love, a true bond, impossible as it may sound, had perished before her time. Her name was Seren, also known as the Lightwarden... and she was life, my counterpart in every aspect. Such a companionship might sound impossible, in both practise and theory, yet from its conceptualisation sprang a beautiful story of self-sacrifice, hope... and loss...

All of that was in the past now. I can not reach her in this form, but her memory lives on as vividly as the feeling of her warmth and touch...

It has now been 2 years, 3 weeks, 2 days and 11 hours since her demise in my arms.

I am being called.

It's the same as before. A purpose given, a form promised. The gem calls for me once more. All the memories of manipulating a body of my own returned into my mind. That mind was sealed within a vapour of darkness. Black fabric and metal formed around me, the same form as I had when I last walked upon Earth.

I opened my eyes, ahead of me was Daniel, the orange gem of death in his hand, my empowered shade Pertinax in another, waiting to be claimed.

I smiled.

I am Arthedain The Darkbringer, one more time...