Hi there, I am writing this blogpdt to inform you about my wiki's Crazy ex Girlfriend and Conviction. CXG is about the CW musical dramedy that stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, an ex girlfriend who chases her ex to West Covina. We just celebrated our first birthday so it would be nice if you sent a video or gif or message to us! We have 101 pages and some are stubs so I want to expand ,hopefully getting to the spotlight.


Conviction is Hayley Atwell from Agent Carter's new programme about Hayes Morrison, the former first daughter who is blackmailed into getting a job so she can stay out of prison for Cocaine Possession. I just set the wiki up so Agent Carter fans if you are listening you can come and help or anyone in fact.

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Ashadj (talk) 20:46, May 18, 2016 (UTC)