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What You Should Ping Mods For

AustinD-3 February 9, 2016 User blog:AustinD-3

I will admit, I am guitly of doing some of the "don'ts" :P
-DO Ping mods if you need help with something!
-DON'T Ping mods to tell them something silly (e.g Jr Mime I am a walrus :P)
-DO Ping mods if someone is vandalizing, that way, they can punish the user!
-DON'T Ping mods to tell them something useless (e.g Joseph, Hi :3)
-DO Ping mods if someone is breaking rules in chat, they need to follow the same rules as you and I!
-DON'T Ping mods to block someone who is vandalizing another wiki, thats what the VSTF wiki is for!

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