I don't know if anyone has heard this theory, It sort of settled upon me as I fought a genie in D&D online. I doubt that the answer is as simple as: MiB IS A GENIE, but look at the similarities. from what I gather, djinn in religion and myth are tricksters out for their own profit, perhaps the souls of a couple castaways? They also have a gaseous quality, and are depicted fully or partially as cloud like swirls or dust devils, seemingly similar to the black smoke. They also are involved in the granting of wishes (Flocke talking about giving people the one thing they want). note that ben has also described the island as a sort of magic box (read: magic lamp).also there are plenty of cliched scenarios or magic lamps on remote islands. It doesn't fit in completely with the idea of jacob protecting the island/the world from the MiB, but perhaps jacob has trapped the MiB by not making his last wish or somesuch. Picture this: Jacob harnesses and uses the wishes for good, but understands that with his last wish made, the MiB would be unleashed upon the world again. MiB just had to find someone else to kill his master for him. Jacob is trying to find someone who will not squander their wishes,and will have enough will power to not use the final wish. I realize this leaves some gaps, and is undoubtedly not the real explanation, but i think the similarities between Smokey and a Djinn are still pretty interesting and something to be considered.

--AutoInfanticide 00:09, March 19, 2010 (UTC)AutoInfanticide