Hello, I'd like to raise concern to the Wikia staff about a certain vandal known as Volcam679 who has been threatening the safety of the LEGO Wiki as well as other wikis. The problem first arose when he got himself banned from chat various times doing inappropriate things. Volcam has no edits and has only been on chat. He has an "infinite" ban from the chat on regards of what he has said and the previous bans he has had. For some reason Volcam is not banned from the wiki but only from our chat. Volcam also made a sockpuppet named StevenJP915 later on who was blocked for inappropriate language and vandalism. Lately we've been getting grief from Volcam and his army of gathered vandals who seem to all be taking the name of historical figures. They have shown up on various LEGO branch-off wikis trying to ruin them, as well. If you have noticed any historical figures at your wiki, please tell us. We have been noticing them at our own wikis and are trying to protect them. Currently Volcam has a sockpuppet named Leonardo DaVinci who has shown up with the other vandals. Thank you, Awesomeknight1234