This wiki is about AquaBluelovesDave's OC (Can be found on dA) so not all info will be fresh. She is giving her info and we are renewing it as it comes. Please also note this OC is from MLP:FiM. Thank you.

Full name, Storyline and appearance

Aqua's full name is "Empress Aqua M. Blue of The Water Dwellers". She has no current storyline, but has many spin-offs she will appear/has appeared in. One up-coming comic-series with her as one of the mane characters is "Amnesia's Descent".

Aqua's appearance -- She is an Alicorn (mistaken for Unicorn, due to a part of spin-offs), with a blue water-drop as her cutie mark. Her mane is a shade of blue in which I can't identify. Her fur/coat is Aqua/Cyan blue. For a better reference, refer to the Ref. Sheet.
Aqua s ref by aquabluelovesdave-d7oeehk

Ref. Sheet