• Azending

    Ellie Goulding Wikia

    January 22, 2016 by Azending

    So, I'm pretty sure most of you know about Ellie Goulding. She is the singer who sang "Love Me Like You Do" that has received over 920 MILLION views on Youtube and over 400 MILLION streams on Spotify and also "Burn" which reached over 600 MILLION views! Most recently her video for "On My Mind" reached over 130 MILLION views and has been streamed on Spotify for nearly 200 MILLION times! So basically she is a worldwide phenomenon. But the problem, even though she is popular, many people don't know that there is a wiki for her.

    I would really like it if someone could help out with the wikia as it has been on for 2 years but I am the only active member contributing greatly. I would like it if there were more active contributors. Some may think …

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  • Azending

    Twitter tips

    December 19, 2014 by Azending

    So, this blog is just for those wiki's who have Twitter accounts and who have been wondering constantly how to have more retweets, favorites and followers.

    Just recently, a tweet for my wiki: Ellie Goulding Wiki reached over 190 RT's and 200 FAVORITES: and I was shocked to see this huge achievement. Now do you want your Twitter account to be successful?

    Set up your Twitter account. Most Twitter users use your mobile. Ensure that the header and profile picture is seen clearly through a mobile. If your new, make sure you describe clearly what your account is for. Make the username famous. E.G., if you are doing a wiki for Coldplay, write '@ColdplayWikia', '@Coldplay Wiki'. Make sure you …

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