So, this blog is just for those wiki's who have Twitter accounts and who have been wondering constantly how to have more retweets, favorites and followers.

Just recently, a tweet for my wiki: Ellie Goulding Wiki reached over 190 RT's and 200 FAVORITES: and I was shocked to see this huge achievement. Now do you want your Twitter account to be successful?


Set up your Twitter account. Most Twitter users use your mobile. Ensure that the header and profile picture is seen clearly through a mobile. If your new, make sure you describe clearly what your account is for. Make the username famous. E.G., if you are doing a wiki for Coldplay, write '@ColdplayWikia', '@Coldplay Wiki'. Make sure you write the whole name of 'Coldplay' because in the search results, they are the most relevant. If you don't like 'Wiki' at the end of it. It's a great great way to put '@ColdplayNews' as this would create even more followers for your account.


For your tweets. How do you get more RT's and Favorites? It's pretty simple. Every tweet you post musn't be personal and every single one SHOULD HAVE A PICTURE! Picture's are very vital as they use up more space when scrolling down the home and influence your followers to look at the tweet.

Use enter TWICE when you're talking about something that needs separation. Just like before, they use up more space when scrolling down the home and influence your followers to look at the tweet.

REMEMBER: DON'T JUST POST LINKS TO THE WIKI. It's really bad and only do it once a week or month.

Always, post the latest news ever on your Twitter account and remember just type in the name of your Twitter account's subject, E.G. 'Coldplay' into Google search. Once you type it in, you'll see some news sites with 'Coldplay' news. Use that for your latest news. Don't worry about copying and pasting. No one cares.

Make sure you post something new everyday. Check your timezones etc. If you were a Ellie Goulding fan account (for example) most of her fans come from the UK so you have to match your your timezones with theirs. Most people hang around on twitter in the night between 7:00PM to 12:00PM. If you are doing a worldwide popular subject E.G. Katy Perry, you shouldn't need to worry about timezones.

Don't forget to post RT in your tweets. E.G. 'RT if you can't wait for Coldplay's new album'.


This factor is really important. On your profile description, you should write 'WE FOLLOW BACK' or something is your account is really new or small. Follow every single person that follows you when you start fresh. This way, they won't unfollow you. Once your account is big, you firstly, unfollow the inactive people or the really not powerful ones with like 23 followers or something. 'BIG' as in by over 3000 followers!

Use sites like to organise and unfollow followers, especially those who you follow but they unfollow to you.


A great way to achieve more popularity is by constantly replying to all of the questioners. They may ask 'Is this official' and you answer them. Once you do they are more likely to follow your account throughout.

Another way is by giving giveaways if only you are that desperate. These really work well. Make sure you giveaway something relevant to your twitter account and make sure that you write something like: 'We're giving away Ghost Stories. All you have to do is RT and follow us'.

Lastly, you can constantly keep in touch with other fansites and they may promote you by RTing or what not. They may write 'Please follow @ColdplayWiki as they're an amazing account'.

What your wiki should do

If you want more followers, promote the twitter account not only on the mainpage but everywhere. You see here:, the 'Twitter Feed' compartment on the right, add that if you wish. :)

That's all you've gotta do. Obviously it takes at least a year to get really popular but you don't have to follow this fully but I'm just giving you tips. :) Afterall, this is just me trying to help you!