Hello everyone, I am BF10! If you remember me, I am a former staff contributor of the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki and the Candy Crush Wiki, and I am an active staff member of the Malware Wiki. I would like to share a wiki that I have recently adopted on a game based on the Angry Bird series but still made by Rovio, the Angry Birds Epic RPG Wiki!

I have been playing the game since the worldwide release, and I got interested to the style very quickly. It is not complex and easy to play. You simply drag where you want a bird to target, and the selected bird will attack that target (which will more likely be a Bad Piggy). You can also tap on the bird or drag to a bird, which will make the bird to do the support attack on the selected bird. If another item called the Rage Chili is filled, you can use it and it will do an attack that will usually do huge damage!

I have adopted the wiki as it was first built in 2014, unfortunately, it was not very active and the original founder is inactive since the same year. With me adopting, I now have the rights to be able to control most of the wiki. With this ability, I made the basic infobox, staff bubbles, and a few other templates. I am trying to run the wiki under the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki "kernel" a bit which I was admin earlier (I credit most of the work to them! Thanks for making it be part of my wiki!). I only have about 48 pages, nearly 50, put I expect to see a bit more, with a page about every enemy, bird, and many other topics on top of that.

I'd also like to see an active chat and forums, to see changes to the wiki and for many to talk about the game itself. Eventually many users will actively join this wiki and be able to search up their favorite classes and enemies, and then this wiki can become the ultimate source of info about the game itself.

I would like to see you help the wiki by adding a page about a pig or so, or add some images or categories. With you helping our wiki in any way, you will be able to spread your own knowledge to other people who will be seeing this wiki!

I hope you can join me and together the wiki will become awesome than 2 years ago!

Join the wiki today!