Bacon Blitz

  • I live in Gravity Falls
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is Wikian, Minion lover, Smart student and soccer-star player
  • I am the 14 year old boy of Bacon and Pizza from Gravity Falls
  • Bacon Blitz

    Hi! I love Minions, and cartoons! Im a genius and a hero of my home and school. Im an old wikian which is great at editing and coding. You might wanna know what does my name means. My parents and sister called me "Baby Bacon" when Im a baby. I dont really know what Bacon is but then when I reached maybe 6-8 years old I discovered that it is a food. I say that it is delicous and its one  of my favorite foods. Thats right Bacon is my child name through Im a teen now I still remember my that name. My real name is Am, which is the nickname that Im using now. While Blitz is a word.I say it is an awesome word. Er well.... I also make that as a name like this: Bacon Blitz or Am Blitz. Also I made it Bacon instead of Am because the email  that my …

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