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Baebananabubblez, the level 15 Moviestarplaner user/youtuber with only 60 subscribers. there is something special about her though. she is from uk msp, some say she is origionally usa which she is, some say she is a boy, some say hacker, some say coin cheat. the reason she is special is that she has the most starcoins and diamonds on all msp servers, she has 89327297829278 star coins and 7890 (last checked 2016 june) 

Bbb (1016)

Baebananabubblez (1016)

how does she have that much?

she had never spent a star coin ever, she gets other accounts to buy her clothes 

and gets vip on them and buys her vip clothes and spends only 10 diamonds a day or 20 but doesnt spent 10 the next day.

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