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aka The Wikia's Coder

  • I live in your mind. *-*
  • I was born on December 6
  • My occupation is Gamer/Minecrafter/Student/Future Engineer
  • I am In dah snow! =D
  • Baldemoto

    So, if you are a scavenger wikian, which just wanders around many wikias, then you're good.

    However, if you are overly attached to a single wikia, like me, then please continue.

    This will help you see the Wikia in a proffesional way, for all of the work.

    Alright, so you should be very clear on this one. You say if you are a mail, or female, you maoke your signature etc.

    But there is one part I want you to see. It is called "My Appearance"

    This is a rather iportant one, because it affects how you see thewikia and how people see you.

    Alright, so this is simple. Just put your native language, and you are good to go!

    Now, this won't affect how you see the clock, but it will affect the order of it. So costumize it to your liking.

    Alright, so this is al…

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