So, if you are a scavenger wikian, which just wanders around many wikias, then you're good.

However, if you are overly attached to a single wikia, like me, then please continue.

This will help you see the Wikia in a proffesional way, for all of the work.

Section 1, My Info

Alright, so you should be very clear on this one. You say if you are a mail, or female, you maoke your signature etc.

But there is one part I want you to see. It is called "My Appearance"

My Appearance

This is a rather iportant one, because it affects how you see thewikia and how people see you.


Alright, so this is simple. Just put your native language, and you are good to go!

Date Format

Now, this won't affect how you see the clock, but it will affect the order of it. So costumize it to your liking.

Time Zone

Alright, so this is also preety important. It will tell you the hour in Wikia. So, look up your Time Zone, and put it there. As you can see, I am in New York time zone.


Now, this is just me, but I would choose Wikia layout, because lots of things are disabled in the MonoBook layout. Plus, it's very different. Like an HTML page.

Landing Page

Now this is for experts. The ones that truly care about the Wikia and are all about business, like myself. If you are a serious Wikian, then put "Recent Changes". Then, if you are a less-serious Wikian, but still care for the edits, configure it to "Wiki Activity". If you are just a normal Wikain, or a scaveger, then configure it to "Main Page"


Don't show all ads. Some of them can be strange.

Step 2, Email

Alright, this step is ot that important, but it will make a difference!


Alright, so this step is simple. Simply put your e-mail adress, and hit "Confirmation Email". Then go to your E-Mail account, and click "Confirm" in the Mail Sent. Voìla!

Follow Pages I...

Depending on your seriousness to the Wikia, add to your preference. I have all of them activated.

E-mail me When...

This one is a bit more tricky. Because depending on how you see the mails as, (VIP, or Spam), it wil be important. If you care a lot about the pages you edit, the comments, and the blog posts, sure, click all of them. If you are a less serious Wikian, just click at your own pace.

Message and Forum

If you are very active on forum posts, like myself, then click on "Email me for every message and Reply". If you can wait, or decide it is not that important, then click on "Once per thread since my last visit". If you are a normal Wikian, or a scavenger, then click on "Never". 22

Advanced Options

If you have an advanced computer, then do click on "Send me HTML mails". It will make it send basic Emails with no coding implemented.

Disable All Emails

If you think that all Wikia mail is Spam, then do click on that.

Step 3, Editing

There's really no "Proffesional" way of putting this. Just go at your own beat.

Step 4, Under the Hood

Recent Changes, History, and Logs

This will support the "Recent changes" Page. If you need to know how many edits there are since the last time you logged off, then please put "91 Days" to check everything. The number of edits depends. I have it 1000. it makes it take a while to load, but when it does, I can see every edit since the last time I logged off. Then, click on "Use Advanced Recent Changes". Also, do not hide Minor Edits. A vandal might be using it to go undetected.

Followed Pages Feed

If you are a proffesional Wikian, then put 7 days to show in watchlist.The Maximum edits will be 500, because that's the maximum. DO NOT HIDE ANYTHING.

 The RSS Feed Key is the key you will use to see yiur RSS. Like a password. BE USER TO KEEP IT SECRET.

Advanced Display Options

This is all your ground. There is no proffesional Way of putting it. Just enable Go-Search, and the rest is yours. That is how I do not let people see my Achivements.

Step 5, Facebook Content

Your role.