After being a wiki contributior for many months, I decide to create an account in TTTE wikia (Thomas The Tank Engine wikia) when I went to the chat, a ironic chat mod called OliverandToad13 was there, I didn't understand much him. so next day, I post a portuguese link after he warns me about a ban. after that, users like CalleyFan start to make lies about me, he says "Sid post a p*rnographic link! and he's banned" instead of the portuguese link, then, after being banned, I create another account for get around the ban, I was not so wise, I say my original account after a question and I was banned again, many accounts have been created, until one day Thomasfan started to block me with the same reason (blocked under a different account: Sid), I was angry and angry, I made spam, vandalism and even a false death threat to OliverandToad13, and I created new accounts, and a revenge for give to Jamesis5, 98malimal, Oliverandtoad13 and Thomasfan, I called Jamesis5 the G word, Oliverandtoad too 98malimal too and the F word, and Thomasfan as a Idiot and the S word, all for revenge, now they want to give me a global block and nw, SirHandelFalcon send a message to Sarah Manley to block my IP, I need help and I have proofs of thomasfan's misbehavior and the reason to revenge:


see? he said: IDIOT, admins are not respectful?