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June 29, 2016
  • I live in The Nova Mundi Polonian Headquarters
  • My occupation is Ruling The Large Micronational Empire of Polonia
  • I am His Imperial Majesty, The Emperor of Polonia
  • BartoszC

    The Marching Black Watch

    January 6, 2017 by BartoszC

    Scotland is known for it's St. Andrew's Saltire, Nessie, or The Loch Ness Monster, and for it's bagpipe music. This story does take place on the shores of Loch Ness, but it's not about the famous Loch Ness Monster. This even happened before the Surgeon's Photograph was taken! During the Napoleonic wars, to be more specific, the Fourth Coalition War, Urquhart Castle was in ruins. The Black Watch, one of the British Regiments from Scotland, had planned to march upon the shores of Loch Ness and by Urquhart Castle. The march was celebrating a victory against the French Empire in the lands of Lower Saxony. The French had three spies at the march, they would place bombs at Urquhart Castle's Gates so when the Black Watch exited, the bombs would e…

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  • BartoszC

    The Man With No Face

    January 6, 2017 by BartoszC

    A long time ago, during the Protestant Reformation, a protestant lived in Nice, France. He was the only Protestant in the neighbourhood, and it was against the law to not be Catholic. All of The Protestants were called Heretics. And when they were captured, they were burned at the stalk. The man was arrested and was burned at the stake. many people saw it, and his ashes were secretly buried under a restaurant. The owner fled the restaurant and sold it, after they saw the ghost. Then the next owners did too. Then in 1789, the restaurant owners, at that time, had just fled the restaurant, and a couple bought the restaurant. In the first week, few people came. Less and less people came the following weeks. The couple's names were: Guillaume R…

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  • BartoszC

    The Micronational Community  is a Wikia where you can share information about your micronation, or other micronations! You can even create your own micronation!

    Micronations, microstates, imaginary countries, countercountries, unrecognized nations, or ephemeral states, are all terms for countries which have been declared independent by (usually eccentric) individuals or small groups, but unlike other such attempts, fail to achieve widespread diplomatic recognition. Many have only one inhabitant; others are larger. Most seem to consist of a single Grand Poobah, with or without a coterie of petits Poobahs. Talossa, however, counts over 50 citizens who have been part of its wild multiparty political structure. And there are reportedly 20,000 p…

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  • BartoszC

    Poland is a very beautiful country, with such interesting history. Some people don't have sympathy for the country that  has been attacked 43 times since The 1600s. In a video, made by "Amazing Beautiful World", entitled "27 Reasons Why Never To Visit Poland", technically says not to visit Poland because it has no landscapes, any beautiful buildings, etc., but they showed  the most beautiful ones. Not just because I'm Polish, but because it's beautiful! We (The Polonians) have been fighting for our country about since, The Tetuonic Order was created. At that time we where pagans, Duke Mieszko I was baptised by St. Wojciech (A.K.A. St. Adalbert) in 966 A.D. After that, the Tetuonic Order had no reason for attacking us, until we christianitised Lithuan…

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  • BartoszC

    FAQ For Me

    October 1, 2016 by BartoszC

    Some people might ask me questions about history, art, music, culture, and geography. Wikipedia and Wikia have the answers and I have it too, only on wikipedia and wikia it is hard to find so ask me. Ask me only:

    1. Do you like {subject}.
    2. Do you study {subject}
    3. Are you famous in {school, wikia, club penguin, roblox, etc.}
    4. And many other things.

    NOTE: I do not respond harshly, I'll only tell you  if it bothers me.

    You can ask some questions and I will respond.

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