I have a new idea for a new wikia, it is about a stealth horror game, Goodbye, My King. To many people, it is called the medieval version of "Hello Neighbour", which already has a wikia and a wiki, but Goodbye, My King, doesn't have much of a wiki, and no wikia. So I have decided to start a wikia about it, I am currently looking for people who can help me run this wikia. I am looking for responsible people who will not abuse their admin. So what is "Goodbye, My King"? "Goodbye, My King" is a stealth horror game in which the goal is to sneak into your old castle and find fragments of a gem to win. At the beginning there is a cutscene where a sly man makes you, the current king, sign a document that crowns him king. Please consider helping me with this wikia! :D

BartoszC (talk) The Flag of Carpathia His Imperial Majesty, Bartolomeo Carolus I of The Noble House of Iucas, The Emperor of Polonia and Armenia, Prince of Hungaria, Duke of Dacia and Bulgaria, and Count of Savoy. 23:26, June 27, 2017 (UTC)